Lomax_logo_t_w205_h125We are an interior and exterior landscaping company based near Norwich.  We have been in business since 1989, although since 1st February 2006 we have been known as Ridyards Ltd.  For the first 16 years of our existing we were known as Lomax Interior Landscapes.  In 1999 we were asked by a couple of clients to maintain their grounds, it was not until 2004 that we started to look more seriously at the exterior side of the business, it now accounts for over 60% of our turnover.  We continued to trade as Lomax Interior Landscapes for 18 months, but as the grounds maintenance expanded, the ‘interior’ part of the name became a misnomer, hence the the change to Ridyards.  The name Ridyards is derived from the middle name of Jonathan Compston, the managing director of the company.

LloydsTSB_seasonal_t_w200_h150Since the inception of the business we employed our staff from our base in Norwich, but in 2005 we won contracts which included a major business park in Cambridge.  Firstly one and then a second gardener was employed on the business park full time, so in effect we had two bases.  We have expanded further and now cover an area that includes Windsor in the south to Northampton and Corby in the North, and all areas East of that line. This is achieved by using locally employed, full time staff.

Throughout our history we have won awards for our services, whether that is locally or nationally.  We have won awards for our clients on many occasions in the annual Norwich in Bloom competitions, the most recent being in 2008 for Lloyds TSB.  We have come second on even more occasions, but we don’t count second!

IMG_1645Ridyards have won awards for our interior work, and constantly receive plaudits for our work.  Our national awards have included Gold and Bronze Leaf awards for design and installation in the annual eFig awards.  We have also received eFeg awards for our short term displays, the most famous being our river scene within a marquee, created to launch some holiday apartments. EFig is an international organisation to promote the interior landscaping industry, and has members from all over Europe, with their awards being the most prestigious in the industry.