Mini Norwich

Ridyards were recently appointed as the contractor to maintain the landscapes that were planted approximately six years ago.

Ridyards have been awarded the contract to maintain the recently opened Mini Dealership, on the outskirts of Norwich, just off the A47.

miniThe site was planted about six years ago, and although the neighbouring BMW Dealership was running, which we also maintain, the Mini site was allowed to lie dormant, following the departure of Porsche.  Of course although the site was dormant, plants, and particularly weeds are no respecters of these periods.  When we took over the some of the weeds were over 2m in height!  Our first task was to bring the site under control; remove the worst of the weeds, reduce the heights of some of the planted shrubs to allow them to bush out, and then to establish boundaries for the chipped bark, import the bark, and generally make the site attractive.

We also introduced some fresh planting, including a number of trees as well as shrubs.

The site has been transformed, and is now worthy of such a prestigious marque.