Cambridge Business Park

Ridyards are a preferred contractor to Cushman & Wakefield.  Cushman & Wakefield are one of the Country’s leading managing agents for commercial premises, business and retail parks, one of their most important sites is Cambridge Business Park.

CBP-6_t_w406_h305Ridyards maintain the grounds, with two permanent gardeners on site.  We took over the site in August 2005, and have since introduced a programme to improve the grassed areas and the planting schemes.

With the assistance of the management, we have been able to introduce a full recycling policy, with all green waste being composted and returned as mulch on site. Over the past twelve months we estimate that approximately 40 tonnes of waste has been prevented from being transported to landfill sites.

CBP-11___t_w415_h310There are two large water features on site, both have had their filtration system completely overhauled, so that the water is clear and free from excessive weed.  The fish are now, flourishing, and are visible to any of the tenants who take their breaks in the vicinity of the ponds.

One of the buildings on the park was recently completely refurbished.  Part of that refurbishment was to improve the landscaping, and in doing so acheived a very high BREEAM rating.  We introduced a number of native species of plants; hanging baskets with plants to attract insects and birds; and bird and bat boxes to help nesting of specific species of birds and bats.